… sono Nicola, un Informatico e Interista, rigorosamente con la doppia “i maiuscola,  nato nell’annata 1963 sotto il segno del cancro e della lepre e vivo nel ridente borgo dove il poeta Petrarca ha passato gli ultimi anni della propria vita.


Sono un docente della scuola pubblica italiana in servizio da molti anni (32), praticamente da sempre, presso l’ITIS Euganeo ora IIS Euganeo di Este in provincia di Padova. Insegno nell’indirizzo tecnologico informatica e telecomunicazioni, articolazione (specializzazione) informatica.

Le discipline di insegnamento sono laboratorio di informatica, laboratorio di reti e laboratorio di tecnologie e progettazione dei sistemi informatici TPSI.

Un passo indietro

Mi sono diplomato in Informatica, nel 1984, all’ITIS C. Zuccante di Venezia-Mestre e sono allievo del prof. Michele Naso, diventato poi collega ed amico, ora in pensione.

Dopo il diploma studi di economia, indirizzo quantitativo,  all’università Cà Foscari di Venezia e mentre studiavo… , quasi per sbaglio, la prima supplenza di qualche mese per il laboratorio di informatica (come tutti) e la scoperta di un lavoro che mi piaceva e mi piace ancora.

Nel personale…

Sposato con due figli, un cane di nome Anakin Skylwaker Labraschi aka Ani e una gatta bianca di nome Kitty aka principessa bianca.

Ho un debole per Ani, ma non mi riconosce come il padrone, anzi essendo un incrocio tra un labrador e un husky è convinto di essere il capobranco… consiglio di evitare questo incrocio pazzesco…

Un passo di un mio libro.

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

`It’s not like I’m using,’ Case heard someone say, as he shouldered his way through the crowd around the door of the Chat. `It’s like my body’s developed this massive drug deficiency.’ It was a Sprawl voice and a Sprawl joke. The Chatsubo was a bar for professional expatriates; you could drink there for a week and never hear two words in Japanese.
Ratz was tending bar, his prosthetic arm jerking monotonously as he filled a tray of glasses with draft Kirin. He saw Case and smiled, his teeth a webwork of East European steel and brown decay. Case found a place at the bar, between the unlikely tan on one of Lonny Zone’s whores and the crisp naval uniform of a tall African whose cheekbones were ridged with precise rows of tribal scars. `Wage was in here early, with two joeboys,’ Ratz said, shoving a draft across the bar with his good hand. `Maybe some business with you, Case?’
Case shrugged. The girl to his right giggled and nudged him.
The bartender’s smile widened. His ugliness was the stuff of legend. In an age of affordable beauty, there was something heraldic about his lack of it. The antique arm whined as he reached for another mug. It was a Russian military prosthesis, a seven-function force-feedback manipulator, cased in grubby pink plastic. `You are too much the artiste, Herr Case.’ Ratz grunted; the sound served him as laughter. He scratched his overhang of white-shirted belly with the pink claw. `You are the artiste of the slightly funny deal.’
`Sure,’ Case said, and sipped his beer. `Somebody’s gotta be funny around here. Sure the fuck isn’t you.’
The whore’s giggle went up an octave.
`Isn’t you either, sister. So you vanish, okay? Zone, he’s a close personal friend of mine.’
She looked Case in the eye and made the softest possible spitting sound, her lips barely moving. But she left.
`Jesus,’ Case said, `what kinda creepjoint you running here? Man can’t have a drink.’
`Ha,’ Ratz said, swabbing the scarred wood with a rag, `Zone shows a percentage. You I let work here for entertainment value.’
As Case was picking up his beer, one of those strange instants of silence descended, as though a hundred unrelated conversations had simultaneously arrived at the same pause. Then the whore’s giggle rang out, tinged with a certain hysteria.
Ratz grunted. `An angel passed.’
`The Chinese,’ bellowed a drunken Australian, `Chinese bloody invented nerve-splicing. Give me the mainland for a nerve job any day. Fix you right, mate…’
`Now that,’ Case said to his glass, all his bitterness suddenly rising in him like bile, `that is so much bullshit.’

The Japanese had already forgotten more neurosurgery than the Chinese had ever known. The black clinics of Chiba were the cutting edge, whole bodies of technique supplanted monthly, and still they couldn’t repair the damage he’d suffered in that Memphis hotel.

Un passo di un mio film.

Holden: Describe in single words. Only the good things that come to your mind. About your mother.
Leon: My mother… I’ll tell you about my mother.

Passo finale di un mio film.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears…in…rain.
Time to die.

Una filastrocca.

Giro girotondo, io giro intorno al mondo. Le stelle d’argento costan cinquecento.
Centocinquanta e la Luna canta, il Sole rimira la Terra che gira, giro giro tondo come il mappamondo…

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